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All Lazer Amplifiers begin with a MIL SPEC double layered printed circuit board 2oz copper clad reflowed to 3oz.  Components are hand selected and matched, Transformers are hand wound and do not need to be glued to the PCB.
Components are Hand inserted and soldered at the correct temperature, and rechecked for cold joints.
Boards are loaded into the American Made Extruded Aluminum Heatsinks which have been deburred, polished, anodized, and UV coated.
Adjustments are made as necessary and the Amplifiers are load tested beyond minimum load capabilities, Each Amplifier is tested for proper tonal qualities before being boxed and shipped.
There are NO DOA's... EVER!
LA 202
LA 202 HCO
LA 502
Click on the model numbers on the left, to see which ones are currently being built. Remember all LAZER amplifiers are hand crafted, built to order car audio amplifiers. The only place in the world to buy them is right here on this website, and quantities are very limited. Don't wait, Order Now!
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